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【script reveal】When I cheated on my girlfriend, she woke up and made me ejaculate...
【script reveal】When I cheated on my girlfriend, she woke up and made me ejaculate...

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【script reveal】When I cheated on my girlfriend, she woke up and made me ejaculate...



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【Girlfriend's room, night】

Hey, who were you with yesterday when you cancelled our date suddenly?
......Even today, you wouldn't have come to my house if I hadn't been so selfish.
I think you've been treating me a little too poorly lately, haven't you?

...Don't you think?
Hmmm, you mean you're not aware of it?
You know what, I'm being treated like that, and I'm telling you I am, and you're telling me that's not true.

I told you before I started dating you, didn't I?
I said I usually feel very lonely and sometimes anxious.......
So I told you not to do anything that would make me nervous.

......You said, "I wouldn't do that," didn't you?
And yet you make me nervous?
Hey, you're cheating on me, aren't you?

Huhu, you didn't do that?
I see.
Even if they were cheating, no one would say they were doing it from the start.

That's how I expected you to deny it at first.
But hey, do you think I am pursuing an affair without any evidence?

......Yesterday, you met your ex-girlfriend at a tavern in front of the station, right?
Two hours there.
Then three hours at a motel on a back street.
If you want to see any more proof, I can show you a picture of you two going into a hotel.

...You say sorry.
Why do you apologize?
You said you never cheated on me.
Isn't it unfair to admit it after being confronted with evidence?

......no more cheating, huh?
Hey, you told me that was the last time you had an affair, right?

I mean, I think it's wrong to cheat in the first place.......
What do you think?

You think I'm right?

Why do you do that again and again?
Come on, I can't even mildly forgive you, can I?

If you cheat on me so repeatedly, will you leave me?
But I don't want to leave you.
That doesn't mean I want to forgive your cheating.

......Why did you do that this time?
Oh, because you were asked out by your cheating her?
So you just went along with that girl because she asked you to?

Then if I asked you to die, would you?

That's what you're talking about, right?
You just went along with her?
Wasn't your intention there?

She was young and beautiful, wasn't she?
Was she the receptionist at the office?
A girl like that asked you out, and you had some ulterior motives, didn't you?

You thought you'd like to taste her body as if you were having sex with me, didn't you?
Is that the fault of that girl who just asked you out?
You are not responsible?

......I've forgiven you for your cheating so far.
This is enough.
If you say that I forgive you and you repeat cheating, it means that you should make it impossible for me to cheat on you.

......By the way, why do you think I'm speaking so idly?
I wasn't talking for no reason, okay?
I was waiting for the medicine that I put in your coffee.

Huhu, see, the medicine is working, isn't it?
You get dizzy and can't stay conscious......
Looking forward to when you wake up, huh?
Let me tell you, I'm not as nice today as I have been in the past, okay?

【scene change 3 sec】

【sound of shaving under hair】

Oh, you wake up?
It's almost done.

I'm shaving your under hair.
Your dick is so neat!

Huhu, you so ashame?

There are people who shave for caregivers and such, but I don't think many people your age do it.......

Isn't it embarrassing to be seen with a smooth penis?
Which means that you will probably stop cheating on me.

I don't know what will actually happen, but it's better than not, right?
You never know unless you try everything anyway.
Every time you try to cheat on me from now on, you are going to expose that smooth cock, okay?

......haha, you don't have to be so mad, do you?
Because it's your fault for cheating.

It's not my fault for doing this, okay?
It's your fault for letting this happen, okay?

Also, you don't think this is the end of your punishment, do you?
From now on, I'm going to have to teach your penis that it's not okay to do bad things, okay?

[sound of a guy, flailing on bed]

You can't help it if you get so riled up, okay?

Because I tied you up tight while you were sleeping.
Even those whose strength is as strong as a gorilla can't easily untie you, you know?

Now, I wonder if this is the bad penis that makes me sad?

【sound of blowjob】

Ummm. Umm, Huh..
Slurp, Umm, Ah...

Huhu, I'm forcing you to do this, and your penis is getting harder, isn't it?
Do you care who you are as long as you can do these things?


【sound of blowjob】

Slurp, Um, Hah, hah...

That's not something
you say while you have a big penis, okay?
If you like it so much, I'll do it for you!

Here, it's just gauze that I'm taking out here.
This gauze is then dabbed with lubrication and.......【sound of penis being rubbed with lotion gauze】

Give it a squeeze as hard as I can and you'll see......!
Haha, you're freaking out so much, aren't you?

Did you know?
I heard that some people pee themselves because it feels so good.
Maybe you'll be like that too.

You don't like it?
I'll never stop this.
I told you to stop cheating on me, and did you listen to me?
No you didn't.
So, I won't stop it, either.

【sound of lubrication sizzling】

Hmmm, but this is hard for me too.......
I have an idea!
Don't cum until I'm satisfied, okay?

【sound of inserting the penis into pussy】

Ah, hah...!

Huhu, did the lubriccation gauze make you feel better?
Bigger than usual...

【sound of hips moving slowly】

Hah...Umm, ah!
Aah, Umm, umm, yeah...!

I can't forgive you for having done such a kinky thing with another woman.
I'm the only one who needs to know what you look like when you're having sex.......!

【Sounds of hips moving violently】

Ahh, ahh, hah, Ummm!
Your cock, ohhh, your cock, it goes so deep, ohhh, it's so good!

Haha, you feel good too, don't you?
Hah, hah, your cock is jiggling inside me, and it feels so good, doesn't it?

Oh, oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.......!
Ahh, Ummm!

You gonna cum, too?
Cum inside, please.

A, ahhhhh!
It's hot... Full of your sperm...
Umm, ah, aah!

Haah, ahh...
You did cum?
I said you can cum, but I'm punishing you, so you're going to have to go more with me, okay?
...I told you.
Until I satisfy.

Huhu, see, I moved my hips lightly and your cock got bigger, didn't it?
......We still have a lot of time, so let's have some more, shall we?


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