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【script reveal】I tried to break up with my yandere girlfriend, but she made me have sex with her...
【script reveal】I tried to break up with my yandere girlfriend, but she made me have sex with her...

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「I tried to break up with my yandere girlfriend, but she made me have sex with her...」のFANZA価格データはありません



【script reveal】I tried to break up with my yandere girlfriend, but she made me have sex with her...



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【Girlfriend's room, daytime】

......Ah, you're here.
I thought maybe this time you wouldn't show up......

I told you that I was going to die for you, but you've never come to me before.
And yet you still worry about me.

......You're telling me not to do this?
I don't want to either.
But you make me so anxious that I have no choice but to do this!

Because you're popular.......
Isn't it strange that someone like me, who is dark and has no proper friends, is a girlfriend?
So I was wondering if you were kidding me.......
I'm so anxious at the thought of that that I'm wondering if you'd be willing to throw your work away for me.......

....Are you angry?
Right, I know, I'm being selfish and bothering you.
But it's the only way I have to feel fine.

......Would you break up with me if I did this next?
After all, you don't like me?

Isn't that what you're saying?
That's how it is for me.

Because if you love me, you would run to me no matter what you had to throw away, right?
If you can't do that, then that's the extent of your love for me.......

Love is not something to compare.......?
You say that, but I just don't get it.
So I can't believe my affection from you unless you show it to me with your attitude.
I'm sure I'll do the same thing in the future.

......I see, you say you're leaving me.
Hey, can I ask you one thing?

You think you can leave me?
That's what I wonder.
If you unilaterally say you're breaking up with me, I won't approve, okay?
Because I would never agree to leave you.

So if you say you'll stay away from me, I'll chase you as many times as I have to.
I will be waiting in front of your office or on your doorstep for hours.

What if the police are called?
Will be okay.
I will explain to you that I am your girlfriend.

I don't think the police have time to get involved in lover's quarrels either.
Hey, I'm going to ask you again on that, right?
You think you can leave me?
Do you think you can stay away from me?

Huhu. Huhuhu...
I've been dating you for about 3 years now and I've never seen you look like you do now.......

Don't know what you look like?
Do you know what I mean when I say you look like you want to kill me right now?

Haha, love and hate are very similar thing, you know?
Hate, as much as love, is an emotion that you can't feel unless you're thinking about me.
So I'm happy to hate from you, okay?
Because I want everything to be mine, including the feelings from you.

...Am I crazy?
Huhu, yeah. I know.

Because I thought I was crazy myself.......
That's how much I love, love, love, love you!
I can't help loving it.
Hey, such heavy emotions are not normal, right?
So I don't think anything of it when you say I'm not normal, that I'm crazy.
I think it's more your fault for making me love you so much.
I'm crazy and it's your fault.
So you have to be responsible for me and love me all the time.

......Can't stay in a relationship?
Haha, then I'm just trying to keep you out of here.

【Stun gun clicking】

I really didn't want to do this.......
If you insist on leaving me, I have no choice.
Good night.
When you wake up, we'll have a good discussion about the future, okay?

【Scene change 3 sec】

Good morning, are you awake?
I thought you might get violent, so I had to bind your hands and feet.

You will live here from now on.
Just you and me, all the time.

Since it's an apartment, will the people in the next room notice?
Haha, don't worry about it.
This is my property.

Haha, are you surprised?
It's an apartment I inherited from my grandfather.
So I asked the people who were paying to live there to leave.
Huhu...no matter how loud you scream, no one can hear you.

We can make plenty of love together without worrying about other people.
Are you happy?I can do anything for you....... Huhu.

I have to make your penis bigger first.
I wonder if he was surprised because your hands and feet are restrained.
Your penis is not well.

Like this, it's getting a little hard, isn't it?

You want me to stop?
No, I won't.
Put your cock in my cunt and we will make a baby.
If you had a baby, you wouldn't be able to run away from me either.

If you try to leave me, I will only make it impossible for you.......
Actually, I've been working on a plan for this for a while now.

I thought that you might try to discuss something with me.
I made it sound like you were tired from work and that you were a changed person.
So, you know, more people are concerned about you these days.

What's more...
If I put it that way, they won't think it's strange if you take a sudden leave of absence from work, right?

Don't worry.
I'll make sure to send your resignation letter to your company, okay?

Huhu, let's do something good together like this all day long.......

【Sound of blowjob】

Ummm, slrup... Smack...
Huhu, you like it?
Your cock is shivering.

Slurp, Ahh, Ummm.
Ah, smells like you...
Ah, It's good.

Hah... Ummm...
You feel good, don't you?
Lick, slurp...

Haha, I know it's a little early, but I wonder if it's okay to insert it?

Um, ummm...
Hah, it hurts a bit, but even that pain feels good.......

Mmm, mmm, hah, hah, feels good, hips, I can't stop......!
Feel good...

Ahhh, ha, ha, hmmm, ahh!
Hey, hey, you, too, huh, mmm, doesn't it feel good?

Ah... Ummm... Aahhhh!
You gonna cum?
Mmmm, ahhh, you can cum. Come on!
Oh, oh, oh, let your hot sperm flow inside of me.

A, aaahhh!
Now, you can cum!
Let's have a baby...!

Ummm, ah....
Hah, hah... It's good...
You can, ah, just stay here forever, mmm......!
I'll take care of everything in your life!
Ahhh, I'm gonna cum!
Gonna cum!
Cum! Cum!

Hah, hah, hmmm, your sperm is going round and round in my tummy, isn't it?
Ah... Huhu...
Hey, you don't think this is the end, do you?

Let's have lots of sex from now on, okay?
You know how many children I would have with you.......
Let's make lots of proof of our love, shall we?
I bet you'll change your mind when you have a baby, too.
Well, I'm not going to let you off the hook if you don't change your mind.(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)


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販売日:2023年01月26日 0時
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作品形式:動画 / 音声あり 
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